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Game Hive

Server Developer

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Game Hive
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Toronto, ON


The Hero Profile

You're the type of person who can handle a fair amount of work freedom while understanding how to manage yourself. Knowing that, "with great power comes great responsibility," you move fast, and you thrive off of new solutions to unique problems. You know when to build something on your own or when to leverage existing solutions, and have confidence in your skills to make key decisions.


About Us

  • We make games. Popular games that have generated over 120 million downloads. You’ll be working closely with the game teams to provide the infrastructure for important game features, in part or in full.
  • We are our own system admins. We like to keep things in-house to manage the performance and reliability of our servers.
  • We are secure. The idea of storing passwords in plaintext makes us (and you!) cringe, while the idea of catching cheaters makes us giddy.
  • We do a full stack. Server code, database schemas, caching, cloud infrastructure. We do it all.
  • We like a fun workplace. We have challenging projects and hackathons where our talented people can work on ideas that they're passionate about.
  • We like munchies. Hungry? Don't worry, our kitchen is fully stocked with snacks, fruits, drinks, and beer.
  • Oh, and we play games. Often.
  • Still interested? Good!



Responsibilities include building web APIs for our mobile game features, collecting metrics from game usage to server health, and ensuring the performance, scalability, and reliability of our servers.

Technologies Used

Python, Flask, SqlAlchemy, Memcached, Redis, Celery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Required Skills

Max Level Skills (Requirements)

  • You have a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent education and/or experience
  • You’ll be doing Python development (including frameworks such as Flask and SqlAlchemy).
  • You’ll be responsible for the PostgreSQL database schema design of any feature you build.
  • You’ll be working with a series of production Redis deployments and should know when data belongs in Redis vs PostgreSQL.
  • You'll be using/developing in a Linux environment.
  • You're able to manage multiple Linux machines.
  • You'll feel comfortable managing the performance and reliability of our servers.
  • Markup, server code, database schema, database schema - You're comfortable with managing it all.
  • You’ll grow incredibly familiar with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform if you aren’t already.
  • You’ll be talking about games. A lot. And playing some too, if you like.