Senior Environment Artist

Future Tech Studios, a fast-growing game development studio, is working on an exciting and fun multiplatform (VR-first) Social Shooter, an original IP with big ambitions. Building on the success of Multiverse, the Future Tech Team have now secured funds for our first game. Our team is composed of talented veterans from AAA studios as well as junior devs from around the world.

We're looking for a Senior Environment Artist to help our team of artists and devs build our game’s world. Your role will consist primarily in making 3d environment assets, including materials and textures, and see that they are implemented in the best possible way in the game. You are a creative person, with know-how, and a passion for realistic environments with a touch of fantasy. Building a world is quite a challenge, and you feel up to it!

This is your chance of joining the project in its early days, to leave your mark on an awesome game and be part of a dynamic start-up team!

For more information:

Profile - we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is an expert in 3d modelling of architecture, props, terrains, vegetation (…); creating textures and materials; as well as lighting 3d scene, and using post-processes effects;

  • Demonstrates strong skills in hard surface and organic modelling;

  • Has an intricate knowledge of world-building, an eye for realistic environments and environmental story-telling;

  • Understands style and technical specifications;

  • Is well-versed in assets implementation in engine, modularity, budget optimisation, and techniques to enhance 3d assets in game;

  • Understands game development, workflows, from block-out to polishing final assets;

  • Has been at this position or in a similar role before, has been in the industry for at least 3 years, and has been through all the cycles of a game production;

  • Enjoys teamwork, is eager to help others achieve their goals, asks for help when needed and share knowledge;

  • Is autonomous, acts on feedback, strives for continued improvement;

  • Takes a keen interest in game, art and tech trends.

Mission - you will :

  • Create stand-alone and modular 3d environment assets, materials, textures, and engine-specific assets such as light set-up, post-process materials and more;

  • Implement, or participate to the implementation of assets in engine, and test them in game;

  • Iterate on assets to ensure the best balance between optimisation and visual fidelity;

  • Work with our technical artist and programmers to help formulate technical needs, disseminate information, and more generally, be the point of contact for environment art;

  • Work closely with the level-designers and art director in the prototyping phase to advise on best strategies to design levels;

  • Partake in building the levels, work on beauty passes, decoration, lighting, all the while keeping gameplay in mind;

  • Liaise with art outsourcers, review external assets when needed, provide feedback and help;

  • Help and mentor junior artists;


  • Great communication skills, fluent spoken and written English;

  • Proficient with one industry standard 3d software such as Maya or 3dsMax, or Blender (preferred); hi-poly modelling tools such as ZBrush, and texturing tools such as Substance Painter and Designer.

  • Familiar with one game engine (Unity preferred);

  • Familiar with common game industry tools (production management, source control tools)

Bonus points:

  • You have the mindset of a leader, willing to take on more creative and organisational responsibilities;

  • You have previous knowledge of VR development.

Salary & more:

  • Competitive based on experience

  • Participate in a studio-wide product-based and performance based bonus