E-Line was founded in 2008 with the mission of developing games that fire the imagination, catalyze curiosity, explore meaningful themes, and provide gateways to new perspectives and interests.

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About the position:

E-Line is seeking a talented and experienced Open-World Level Designer to join our design team and help with the development of Never Alone 2. This position will work directly with the design director, art director, other designers, and programmers on the design and implementation of the world of Never Alone 2. Our ideal candidate has experience using Unreal to design and build compelling gameplay sequences, an understanding of open-world systems-based gameplay, and a broad experience with many open-world games. This person will also be a contributor to the growth, culture, and ultimate success of the project and studio.

Although E-Line’s headquarters are in Phoenix (Arizona), we work with game development talent around the world. This position is remote and open, preferably to candidates from the US, Canada, Central, and South America (due to time zone preferences).

As our Open World Level Designer, you will ...

  • Propose and implement gameplay scenarios that tie together systemic open-world gameplay, hand-crafted gameplay spaces, and quests.

  • Work with the Design Director, engineering, and environment art teams to create compelling, immersive game experiences. Collaborate with Production to ensure design work is planned and progressing as expected according to project goals.

  • Work with our Alaska Native partners to help make the game's world as authentic as possible to their culture and worldview.

We’re looking for someone who has …

  • Worked for several years building game experiences for open-world or heavily systemic games, including large-scale world design, quest design, and environmental storytelling.

  • Experience using a visual scripting language like Unreal’s Blueprint or other similar systems.

  • Well-versed with a variety of creative approaches in open-world multiplayer/co-op games.

  • Enthusiasm to collaborate and communicate with a team of other programmers, artists, and designers.

It’s a bonus if you have …

  • Shipped one or more games built with Unreal.

  • Experience with scripting a range of gameplay like camera sequences, narrative design, or contextual interactions.

  • Experience with multiplayer and/or cooperative games.

  • A love for innovative video games.

Top Reasons to Work with Us

  • Being part of an enthusiastic, diverse team who wants to make games with a positive impact.

  • Co-create an authentic game experience in collaboration with our Alaska Native partners.

  • A positive, healthy remote work environment with flexible hours. We promote a culture free from crunch.

  • We provide competitive salaries with full medical benefits and matching 401k, as well as paid paternity/maternity leave, vacation, holidays, and sick/wellness days.

About the project:

The first game, Never Alone, was developed by E-Line Media and the Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC), a pioneering Alaska Native organization, with the goal of sharing, celebrating, and extending Alaska Native culture with a global audience. The game explores a story passed down for thousands of years, is in the Inupiat language, and features 26 mini-documentary 'cultural insights' that get unlocked through gameplay.

Never Alone has touched a nerve globally. It has been downloaded over 10 million times, featured in over 1000 articles, and won many awards, including a BAFTA and a PEABODY. The game is featured in museums around the world, including the Smithsonian and MoMa. CITC has converted their revenue in the game into equity in E-Line, and they're E-Line's largest shareholder, and their Chairman is the CEO of the Tribal Council.

We believe players are more than ready for their next adventure with Nuna and Fox, and we are excited to work on the sequel. The second game, Never Alone 2, will build on what players liked about Never Alone 1 (authentic culture, beautiful, evocative world, co-op gameplay with Nuna and Fox, spirit helpers, unlockable ‘insights’), now enabling them to go much deeper in terms of innovative gameplay and cultural exploration. NA2 will take players on a moving, spiritual journey through fun gameplay, developed inclusively with the Alaska Native community.