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Cosmic Games

Game Developer

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Cosmic Games
🌎 Remote (Anywhere)

As a ​Game Developer ​at ​Cosmic Games ULC​ you will be primarily responsible for:

  1. Executing ​a planned development schedule within our established ​Unity ​game systems.
  2. Balance ​and ​Question ​core systems and create agile Solutions ​to implement​.
  3. Collaborating​ with game designers and developers to push the quality of our project above and beyond.

Specifically, we are searching for a highly ​passionate​, ​motivated, organized​, ​experienced​ individual to fill a role alongside our current development team- we need a developer that is willing to work within an agile environment and is ready to tackle any problem.

Knowledge of: C#, C++, Unity (2D/3D), Obj-C, JavaScript

Example Problem #1 “Game A” is a single-player, linear progression mobile game. How would you plan to tackle malicious players that wish to change the code to bypass content.

Example Problem #2 “Game B” is an open-world single-player mobile game. Enemies grow in strength as the player plays. How would you have the enemy's “difficulty” scale within gameplay. Please specify how you would handle this with code & visually on the front end.

Game Creation Create a ​top-down​ ​2D​ game. Use basic shapes to convey subjects.

Player = Rectangle Small enemy = Triangle Large enemy = Star

These are your design notes.

  • The player is controlled with WASD
  • The player controls a ​car-like ​vehicle​ ​that ​auto fires​ a basic projectile.
  • There are two types of enemies:
    • Small, low health enemies. (low ​threat* ​ to the player)
    • Large, high health “boss” enemy. (high ​threat* ​ to the player)
  • Win condition​ = find and kill the “boss” enemy.
  • We are welcome to additional features.
  • Threat = ​ create this value with your own design.