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App Developer

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🌎 Remote (Anywhere)

Hello and thank you for taking the time out of your day to open this post. The position is unpaid at the start and is purely voluntary. To summarize what this means, I am looking for a mobile app developer (lack of experience is fine) who has the free time and desire to work with me on an exciting project I am planning. The project will start off with the League of Legends game but is more than suitable for expansion into other games. Here is what I recommend before you apply:

  • Check if you have the free time to spend on this as it is an unpaid position
  • Have knowledge in mobile app development. You don't need to be an expert but you should have basic knowledge and should be able to build an app if you're provided the necessary resources (such as images, sound files, structure of the app, information, etc)
  • Above all else, you just need to be motivated to build something really cool from scratch with a small team (of 2-3 other people). Since this isn't a paid role, motivation and drive is key.

Here is what I can promise you if you decide to apply, I like you and I bring you on board:

  • The opportunity to work on a very cool and unique idea (that hasn't been done in the esports scene yet, or at the very least not done properly)
  • The opportunity to work on something and have freedom and your voice heard. If you have ideas or suggestions, I will listen to them and I won't simply ignore you and use you as a mercenary. You will be part of what I want to build and you will build it together with me.
  • A guaranteed paid position if the project gets off the ground and becomes something big and/or profitable.

To me, this project is something I am passionate about. It's unique and it's something I want to create. But admittedly I lack the necessary skill to do it on my own. I do need help and if you are like me and have the desire to work on something, but just can't think of what to create, then please contact me. I will tell you more about what exactly the project is once we get in touch! There's no specific thing you need to do to apply, just tell me that you'd like to join in on the project, why you'd like to join and give me a few contact methods I can reach out to you from!