Would you like to work on some of the greatest franchises in gaming history? What about working on our new original IP? Certain Affinity is the largest independent developer in Texas, based out of Austin, and we have a growing presence in Toronto, Canada. Our culture reflects the values and the vibrant nature of the cities we call home. This includes a commitment to evolution, diversity, excellence, and work-life balance. We are also excited to be the latest recipient of the Canadian Studio of the Year award. We're best known for co-developing numerous AAA FPS games, though now we are creating compelling new games of our own. We're always on the lookout for amazing talent to join our team.

As a Senior Lighting Artist at Certain Affinity, you will get the chance to see some of the custom lighting pipelines behind the world’s biggest shooters and contribute to our proprietary technology. This role will require you to work closely with project art directors to ensure their project vision. You will also be responsible for working with artists from multiple disciplines to create in-game and cinematic content. We want to talk with you if you are passionate about creating next-level imagery and have a strong background in color theory, lighting, atmospherics, and post-processing.


  • Working closely with Art Director to bring their vision to life
  • Developing color/mood using concept art to help prove out potential looks
  • Developing interior and exterior environmental lighting for our projects while supporting gameplay elements
  • Knowledge of color, lighting, atmosphere, materials, and how they work. Using that knowledge to set PBL lighting, camera exposure, atmosphere, color correction, and post-process effects
  • Assist with look development
  • Create and capture skyboxes
  • Propose lighting and pipeline improvements
  • Collaborate with concept, environment, materials, and VFX artists
  • Create AAA quality lighting for all our studio projects


  • 5+ years of game production or film experience
  • Excellent understanding of color theory, composition, and lighting principles
  • PBR, PBL, HDR lighting, and image correction techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of photography or film-based techniques
  • Ability to work within memory and performance constraints while maintaining high visual quality
  • Passion for pushing the visual envelope
  • Able to learn quickly

Extra Credit

  • Materials development
  • Experience with real-world cameras and lighting
  • Python or C++

Certain Affinity or its partners or affiliates run background checks on candidates or employees with the written authorization from the candidates or employees. These may be done for the purposes of offering employment or determining eligibility to work on a specific project. Multiple searches may be required

Certain Affinity is authorized to do business in many, but not all, of the states in the US and the Canadian provinces. If you are not located in or able to work from a state where Certain Affinity is registered, you may not be eligible for employment as a fully remote employee. Please speak with your recruiter to learn more about where we are registered.

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