Bethesda Softworks is looking for a world class Senior Application Security Engineer to join a highly skilled team of senior security professionals responsible for security of AAA titles, digital platforms, and data in live and studio development environments. The ideal candidate has a proven record of developing, testing, and reviewing security measures within products at a source code level. Prior game development experience and an ability to understand the unique challenges facing the industry is a definite bonus.


  • Read and write professional-grade source code in a variety of languages

  • Perform security reviews of applications (including games) and source code, policies, systems, and solutions in order to continue to strengthen Zenimax commercial products, platforms, and services

  • Reverse-engineer and manipulate Zenimax games and applications, by request, to identify and help correct vulnerabilities that may be exploited for illicit cheating or hacking

  • Provide detailed security review reports to developers and other stakeholders

  • Adhere to high-quality standards and best practices, high performance, and scalable, repeatable processes and deliverables in accordance with applicable regulations

  • Keep up with development and security trends in the video game industry and in the technology sector in general

  • Occasional travel required


  • 4+ years application security experience; or 5+ years software engineering experience including some application security experience

  • Advanced experience reading and writing source code in a variety of languages

  • Knowledgeable in security aspects of operating system internals

  • Introductory knowledge of scripting languages or similar (Python, GoLang, Rust, etc)

  • Advanced low-level debugging experience using tools such as IDA Pro, Ghidra, WinDbg, etc.

  • Strong engineering skills with attention to detail

  • Significant Git version control experience

  • Ability to multi-task and thrive on a small team in a fast-paced environment

  • Passionate about security technologies, techniques, and trends

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, or similar, or equivalent experience

Preferred Skills

  • Visual Studio

  • Experience with C++

  • Usage and understanding of cryptographic libraries and implementations

  • Build system implementation using cmake/make

  • Perforce version control (P4V)

  • Cloud computing and infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack, etc)

  • Software product deployment

  • Game industry technologies