The role of the PLAYER INSIGHTS team is to help Behaviour teams (production, marketing, support, etc.) feed and build their decision-making process through user, consumer and market expertise and research protocols using extensive databases (with in-game and external game data).

To ensure reliability and relevance of their studies, the PLAYER INSIGHTS team relies on several types of expertise: user testing, data science, game analytics, data engineering, etc.

As part of the PLAYER INSIGHTS team, the USER RESEARCH SPECIALIST will provide in-depth insights into users, consumers and the market to accompany Behaviour’s strategy on its markets for both existing and future products.


Help the production and marketing teams of Behaviour Digital take informed decisions and support the development of brands and products on the global market.

In this role you will

  • Prepare, conduct, analyze, and report user tests studies;

  • Collaborate with game development, marketing, business, and data teams to convey these insights and accompany brand/game projects in their product and market strategy;

  • Contribute to user knowledge diffusion within the studio, feed and inspire the studio teams’ thinking with user-centric practices;

  • Remain up to date with user research methodologies and data visualisation trends;

  • Select and define the appropriate methodologies, test measures and techniques, and propose relevant tools and approaches to evaluate the players’ experience accordingly with the design intentions and test’s scope;

  • Deliver actionable results through a strong insight-driven mindset.

What we're looking for

  • 5+ years experience in User Research;

  • Work experience in Video Games/Entertainment/Media sector is a strong plus;

  • Master’s degree in social science, psychology, UX design, HCI, marketing, or relevant fields;

  • Strong experience with mix-method approaches to answer multifaceted research objectives;

  • Experience with conducting remote online research projects;

  • Strong ability and willingness to work effectively in a team environment and a capability to work and collaborate remotely;

  • Master written and oral communications in English (French is an asset);

  • Knowledge of the video games industry is a plus.