The Role

We are looking for a senior audio programmer to fill an important role on Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight uses Wise as an audio solution. In an effort to take the quality of audio in the game to the next step, we are looking for someone to own the audio pipeline and improve it at different aspects. Please see below for details

In this role you will :

  • Be the technological owner of the audio pipeline on Dead by Daylight with the Director Audio;
  • Support the audio designers to achieve their short- and long-term audio vision;
  • Research and develop new audio systems in the game;
  • Improve the current audio pipelines;
  • Work on solving audio challenges in the game, like loading soundbanks, addressing asset leaks, and improving performance and memory usage.

What we're looking for :

  • You need to be comfortable with audio programming in games;
  • You need to be passionate about audio;
  • You need to have experience with Wwise or other audio technologies, whether they are middleware or in-house solutions;
  • You need to know C++ very well;
  • You need to be someone who loves collaborating with other people and other disciplines.

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