Arkane Studios is seeking an exceptional Senior Animator to join our Austin team! The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating real-time animation for in-game characters and cinematics. The Senior Animator will report to the Lead Animator and the ideal candidate should have a strong sense of body mechanics, appealing poses, and strong sense of timing.


  • Create high quality hand keyed animations that span from realistic to stylized realism
  • Create blockouts through to polished animations that showcase weight, interesting body motion, and facial expressions
  • Integrate and clean up motion-captured animations and adapt them to the defined animation style and parameters
  • Collaborate with other disciplines to create a cohesive vision and experience
  • Troubleshoot and solve animation issues with all departments
  • Implement animation assets into game engine and iterate as needed


  • Shipped at least 1 game title as an Animator
  • 4+ years of experience in the games industry
  • Technical experience working with game engines and game animation implementation.
  • Strong knowledge of Maya animation and/or Max animation packages
  • Expert knowledge of basic principles of animation: timing, dynamics & body mechanics
  • Strong acting and staging skills with focus on realistic animation styles
  • Receptive to constructive feedback and willingness to work through an iterative process
  • Adapt to technical dependencies and engine limitations
  • Excellent organizational, teamwork, and communication skills
  • Experience with Unreal 4 or other game engines such as Unity, Cryengine, or proprietary editors
  • Passion for video games

As part of the application process, please submit a demo reel showcasing pervious animation work and include a shot breakdown that explains what you were responsible for

Preferred Skills

  • Experience animating humanoid characters, quadrupeds, and other creatures
  • Experience editing Motion Capture using Motion Builder or other software packages
  • Bachelor’s degree in Art, Animation, or Game Development