Arkane Studios is one of the most renowned development studios in the video game industry! Founded in 1999, the studio is owned by ZeniMax Media and Microsoft XBox. Arkane is known for its creative worlds and first-person action games, including the Dishonored and Prey franchises, which have won multiple "Game of the Year" awards. Our newest title Deathloop released on September 14, 2021, for PlayStation 5 and PC is another hit!

Joining Arkane Lyon is an opportunity to collaborate and evolve with a passionate and talented team, on cutting-edge technologies and innovative games, and in a stimulating and welcoming work environment. The studio is located in the Lyon Confluence district, a place of greenery, sports, gastronomy and music.


Under the Lead Technical Artist responsibility and in close collaboration with the Campaign Leads and Directors, the Houdini technical artist will provide & maintain procedural content generation tools that allow to improve teams productivity to populate the environments.

  • Master Houdini in procedural generation of graphical content. (From small to large scale)
  • Create/maintain efficient procedural tools for campaign team.
  • Apply optimization to her/his work and work within the engine constraints.
  • Analyze existing pipelines and identify how to improve them with procedural tools.
  • Research and prototype useful methods for automating environment development with Houdini.
  • Follow and help to improve our integration of Houdini engine.
  • Gather, analyze feedbacks on procedural tools and improve them accordingly.
  • Be the voice of the procedural methods and help all content teams to understand and embrace this new production paradigm.
  • Create & maintain documentation.
  • Help the rest of the team improve their knowledge of Houdini.
  • Apply efficiently graphic principles in her/his work.


  • Solid experience in Side Effects Houdini in procedural generation of graphical content.
  • Expertise with Python & Vex languages.
  • Understanding and applying the principles of procedural generation of graphical content in the game environments.
  • Ability to work with technical constraints and integrate them into the procedural logic and tools.
  • Experience in prototyping, and able to quickly sketch out ideas before diving into implementation.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and strong organizational skills.
  • A great ability to think creatively to overcome technical challenges.
  • Strong artistic background and attention to detail from both technical and artistic perspectives.
  • Great communication skills and a positive attitude.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical parties.
  • Good English oral and written skills.

Preferred Skills

  • Working experience on a AAA game.
  • Experience working with Houdini engine (Unreal, Unity, other game engine).
  • Training and tutoring skills.