Against the backdrop of unprecedented virtual connection, the online role-playing game will be evolving. Here at ArenaNet, we are marching into this future of entertainment towards the best and most exciting possibilities. This has always been our mission. We innovate and often defy industry conventions to enrich the lives of our players.

What You’ll Do as a Technical Content Designer

We have a bold vision for breaking free of certain vicious cycles inherent to content creation. Our studio strives to build both breath-taking narratives and a deeply interactive world. In this role, you will be building the pillars of our multiplayer storytelling experience such as interactions, conversations, scenes, dynamic spawning, and emergent objectives.

Our technical designers are responsible for drafting flexible, well-integrated systems that empower content developers and players alike. We are looking for a candidate who would confidently:

  • Evaluate system design concepts to identify which need practical iterations to increase knowledge about their requirements and utility.

  • Take the lead on the first rapid iterations via direct implementation in the Unreal 5 engine and collaboration with team members.

  • Steer the team's efforts with insight and discoveries mined from our playtests, feedback, discussions, and your critical thought process.

  • Advise the technical design of fully engineered systems that will scale into production.

  • Seek opportunities to improve efficiency in the production phase through automation, intelligent system designs, better tools, workflow improvements, or co-development.

  • Make multi-platform design considerations with respect to the advantages and challenges of each one.

Why You Should Apply

We appreciate that talented creatives are discerning about where they spend their efforts. Though there are many excellent teams and projects around the industry, there are many unique opportunities to pursue in this role, such as:

  • Leave your mark on big ideas for an established online fantasy IP by joining a well-funded project in pre-production.

  • Dream with other dreamers as we embrace organic collaboration over traditional production methodologies that (frankly) don't work.

  • Break through obstacles of remote work by contributing to a team and a product dedicated to enhancing the humanity of virtual interaction.

  • Enjoy optional team get-togethers and onsite weeks when safe and appropriate.

  • Work closely with other types of technical creatives to influence the future development of cross-discipline roles at the studio (including your own).

  • Have regular, genuine conversations with your manager about the path and underlying meaning of your professional life.

This isn't merely a job description. It’s an invitation to start a conversation about possibilities. If you found any of it interesting, we urge you to apply.