We are looking for engineers and scientists with expertise in machine learning (ML) to join Activision Publishing’s (AP) Central Technology (CT) organization. Activision’s CT organization provides global leadership, engineering support, analysis, and recommendations across various specialized disciplines for AP’s studios and projects. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience with designing, training, and deploying machine learning and deep learning (DL) models in use cases such as recommender systems.

This role will be instrumental in developing a new generation of tools enabling the Activision content creators to build the large worlds powering the next evolution of Call of Duty and Warzone. The focus will be on developing systems and workflows to suggest and assist with model placement, level layout, scene annotation and other creative and technical choices needed to bring large and complex environments to life.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Analyze the substantial amounts of existing data in previously built worlds and games.

  • Suggest areas suited for machine learning applications and help implement the solutions.

  • Expose solutions to the content creation teams in an accessible and user-friendly way

  • Stay up to date with current developments in the field and help integrate academic solutions into a production environment.

  • Build a small team of talent to grow and support the applications of machine learning to assist in content creation.

Year One Success

  • Significant transformation of day-to-day workflow for content creators by building systems that allow more flexible and efficient approaches to authoring content.

  • A framework to allow for easier development and deployment of solutions to new problem areas.

Position Requirements

The Principal Engineer, Machine Learning should have an established record of working with ML and DL models. This includes research into practical applications of existing technologies as well as the design of novel solutions. Additionally, affinity and experience with 3D content and related technologies is a huge benefit.

Requirements include:

  • Computer science or adjacent technical background, preferably in the game space or academia.

  • Experience with libraries such as PyTorch, TensorFlow or equivalent.

  • Able to work in a large, constantly evolving code base.

  • The ability to build trust in a large organization with many independent operating functional units.


A university-level degree in computer science or related field is typical but not required if there is a demonstrated history of competence and success in machine learning and similar systems.