About you:

We can’t create our games without you! We are searching for Senior Game Designers, who have several years of professional commercial game design experience. Do you love mobile free to play games, both to create them and play them? If that’s a yes, then check out this quick video clip of what we do at ATA.

You will be given ownership over your work, as part of an incredible team of designers, engineers, artists, and community managers. Our two biggest games, Kingdoms of Heckfire and Party in my Dorm, have fantastic communities of over 100,000 dedicated players who love the games and are incredibly excited for the work we do.

Above all else, our ideal candidate is someone who loves mobile game systems and game economies. They have several years of professional experience working on live games in the mobile free-to-play business model. They have worked at a mobile game studio, and have released games! Our new Game Designer team mate understands the complexities of driving growth through leading game metrics and user acquisition, as well as the power of social games like Party in my Dorm and the deep LTV curves of strategy games like Kingdoms of Heckfire. They are comfortable with games that have numerous systems that interact with each other, and can do the math to prove that these interactions are well balanced.

We’d love to hear from you if you have…

  • worked on a free-to-play march battle game, life simulation, fashion, home decor, cooking or farming game and have a strong understanding of the game mechanics and monetization in this genre

  • achieved mastery at working with spreadsheets, SQL, or other tools for data analysis

  • a thorough understanding of the advantages of different approaches to organizing design data and getting it in game

  • a deep knowledge of systems design, combat balance, merchandising and/or economy design

If the above describes some of the things you enjoy, we’d love to hear from you. Check out a 2 min video clip of a few employees sharing why they love working at A Thinking Ape.

About us:

A Thinking Ape is fully committed to diversity and inclusion; of our new hires in 2021, 49% were women or non-binary. We released our first game in 2009, and have been profitable ever since. Our teams are friendly, open to challenging themselves and everyone's ideas are heard based on our core value of having wonderful arguments. Our people leaders work with us individually to support our development, keep growing is another of our core values.

We’re working remotely across Canada, we’ll supply the equipment you need to do your work, and stipends to set up your workspace. We have a very flexible work schedule, three weeks of vacation, unlimited sick days, and a generous health benefits package. Our full story is here. You’re very welcome to connect with our recruiter Ingrid on LinkedIn.

Apply now to join us!

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