We are seeking a talented Game / Level Designer to join our team. The job will require building our game worlds and realizing the vision of the greater design team, developing the plot, theme and rules, and ensuring the highest level of quality immersion is maintained to the level of standards appropriate with our studio pedigree.

  • Work closely with other Game Designers and Creative Director to bring the game’s vision to reality.

  • Build worlds and experiences to the highest level of immersion and believability.

  • Work with programmers to craft the gameplay experience.

  • Develop basic underlying principles of the game (game mechanics, levels, etc.).

  • Use the in-house technology (4A Games Engine) for game creation.

  • Create and control execution of all essential tasks assigned to other departments using a bug tracking system (Jira).

  • Test self-created game content as well as the one created by other teammates.

  • Create necessary accompanying documents for generated and controlled tasks.


  • Work experience in the Game / Level Design position (at least 4 years).

  • Actual experience with or knowledge of other AAA game engines, licensed or proprietary.

  • Extensive game mod creation experience.

  • 10+ years of gaming experience (playing).

  • Good English.


  • Any higher Technical, Art, or Humanitarian education.

  • A completed Game Design course.

  • Equivalent job experience.

  • Ability to learn tools quickly and adapt to in-house software.

  • A passion for games.

  • Fluency in Ukrainian.