We are seeking an AI Designer to expand and improve our Human and Monster AI systems.

  • Create and integrate AI mechanics directly in 4A Engine using visual scripting tools as well as Behavior Trees.

  • Prototype and iterate AI system improvements.

  • Work closely with other departments on implementation of the AI features to ensure they complement the overall game experience.

  • Integrate new AI mechanics into existing schemes while retaining full functionality.


  • Create design and technical documentation on AI and gameplay mechanics.

  • Participate in testing efforts to provide feedback on new gameplay mechanics as well as game content in general.

  • Participate in the toolkit improvement process while working on the game.


  • Work experience in game companies in a Game Design, Technical Design, Combat Design, or AI Design department (at least 3 years of experience).

  • Good command of one or more existing game engines – UE4, Unity, CryEngine, etc.

  • Good command of scripting tools of game engines (UE4 Blueprints, Unity Visual Scripting, etc.).

  • Basic understanding of modern AI techniques used in AAA games (Behavior Trees, Finite State Machines, etc.).

  • Ability to quickly and sufficiently document and communicate an idea in writing or speech.

  • Interest in translating an idea of intelligent behavior from a concept to actual AI game mechanics and then elaborating it further into functional game content.

  • Self-criticism and ability to accept criticism from other people. Being open minded towards colleagues’ ideas.

  • Good English.

  • Ability to learn and master new tools and software.

  • Ability to multi-task and efficiently prioritize assignments.

  • Passion for FPS and stealth-oriented videogames.