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Content Manager

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Houston, TX
$21,000 – $24,000 USD per year

100Media is Seeking a Gaming YouTube Content Manager for an upcoming channel release! The candidate would be in charge of the entirety of the content and production behind a general gaming channel, including the uploads, editing, recording scheduling, collabs, thumbnails, artistry, and more for the channel. The candidate must have relevant experience within the gaming space in either Twitch or YouTube, and have the ability to maintain proper communication with our current production team. Most details can be ironed out via a phone call and expressed further through a scheduled interview. More information below on example scenarios and regular day to day.

A regular day for the candidate would include organizing the Talent/Creators recording sessions into one bulk recording day with the specific games and scripts laid out for the creator to go at, as well as making sure sessions do not go over the allotted time spans put in place by the Candidate. The Candidate would be allowed/able to β€œsub-contract” work, including the creation of the thumbnails, editing the videos, and scripting content. The Candidate may also work with our inhouse network of resources for the above tasks.

The Candidate would also be responsible for uploading the videos, reviewing footage/edits before publishing them live and sending them back to be redone if needed, ordering/commissioning thumbnails, and reviewing scripts before sending them in. The Candidate’s role requires prior experience in budgeting appropriately for projects within the YouTube space and has a realistic mindset/approach to uploads and content. The candidate would be working alongside the creator directly to ensure content filmed and edited/uploaded is appropriate and up to each other’s standards, as well as that of 100Media.

An example schedule and team lineup could work as follows: The Candidate dictates that based on the creator’s schedule, Tuesday is the best day for the general gaming recording session. The candidate prepares 7 scripts for 3 different games (in this case, let’s use Among Us, Fortnite, and CoD). The candidate sits alongside the Creator within a call remotely (with an option to be flown out in person) and organizes the session/corrects mistakes & errors, while leaving room for the creator’s personality to shine. The candidate then concludes the session with the creator, sends off the footage for uploads and thumbnails and reviews each before upload. The candidate would also be responsible for studying the industry space and staying up to date with changing trends, content, potential collaborations, and thumbnail designs/artistic styles.

The current open positions include management of a Minecraft focused channel and general gaming. Both positions require a full time commitment initially, but have the potential to move to part time dependent on the candidates experience, skill, and time management.