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5th Apr 2019

Working on your favorite esports games has never been easier

Discover your dream job through our list of 10 of the most popular esports games and the companies that frequently hire around each title.

When it comes to working in esports, there's nothing better than picking up an awesome job where you get to interact daily with the esport you love.

But doing so can be tough. Esports isn’t just a highly competitive and fast-growing industry, it’s also a difficult space to navigate at times. For example, if you’re a fan of Overwatch who desperately wants to work on the game, where do you even begin looking for opportunities?

Luckily for you, Hitmarker exists to provide the answer to that very question. Better yet, we’ve now put together this list of companies that we often see hiring for positions directly related to some of the biggest and most popular esports games out there.

Whether it’s working for the game developer itself or working for a company closely tied to the game, you’ll hopefully be able to find the career of your dreams with one of these companies.

So without further ado, let’s get you the hookup!

1. Fortnite

Fortnite is the title that propelled esports and gaming even further into the mainstream back in 2018. It’s also one of the most popular esports games and the one that the majority of our younger users express interest in working on.

Epic Games is the company to keep an eye on if you’re looking to work with Fortnite.

Primarily hiring in Cary, North Carolina in the USA, but also posting jobs in Berlin, Edinburgh, Montreal and even Shanghai on occasion, there are global opportunities to work with the big dogs of the Battle Royale market. What’s more, Epic hire in plenty of different sectors. We’ve seen them posting jobs in art, community, marketing and quality assurance, and all with a primary focus on Fortnite!

Another esports company that you’ll see hiring frequently for jobs working with Fortnite is ProGuides.

Though it mainly hires for their office in Los Angeles, California, you may also see ProGuides posting remote esports jobs every now and then.

Coverage and content giant Dexerto also regularly hire people to cover Fortnite. If you have strong writing skills, you might be suitable for their jobs that look for people with the capability to report on Fortnite. What’s more, Dexerto also owns FortniteIntel.com, so actually has more than one outlet where it requires staff to work on Fortnite!

2. Overwatch

With this next game being showcased in the huge Overwatch League with production quality to rival top sports broadcasts, there are plenty of opportunities to work on Overwatch in a number of different capacities.

Blizzard, the game’s developer, advertize the lion’s share of jobs working on Overwatch.

Their headquarters at Irvine, California is where you’ll see most of these jobs being located. We've seen them post everything from narrative writers working on the game's story, to animators and more!

If Overwatch is your game of choice and you want to work in the scene, working for the Overwatch League is probably already on your radar as a potential dream career. When we see the OWL hiring, it’s usually in Irvine or in Burbank, California, where the Blizzard Arena is located. Recently we had a position there to guide VIP guests through their time in the arena, and another to work on their web and mobile content.

Finally, if you’re looking to cover the ins and outs of Overwatch as a journalist, the content company Akshon Esports might have the perfect role for you! With an office in Vancouver, Canada and the occasional remote job appearing, you might be able to find something that allows you to cover the game, either in written or video form.

3. League of Legends

With a huge following around the world, there are global opportunities to work on this enormously popular esports game. What's more, since Riot Games organize their own esports circuits around the world, you'll see plenty of roles working on their competitive operations with the game's developer.

If you’re on the hunt for opportunities to work on League of Legends yourself, the two locations you should focus on are Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany.

If you’re elsewhere in the world and looking to work on League Of Legends, then fear not! Riot hires in London, Dublin, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Singapore as well, to name just a few.


PUBG looked to be taking over the gaming world with their Battle Royale success in 2018, and while they’re still going strong it’s undeniable that stiff competition from the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends has thinned the player base somewhat.

The company behind the game, PUBG Corporation, is the one we see hiring most frequently for jobs to work on the game.

The bulk of their jobs - at least the ones that we can actually read as an English-speaking, UK-based company 😅 - are in Santa Monica, California. We also find the occasional opportunity in Seoul, South Korea, and we’re almost certain that there are plenty more besides those in the Far East that we don't see!

PUBG Corp regularly offers roles in community management, marketing and project management, so if you’re local to Santa Monica and love the game it’s definitely worth checking their company page out!

5. CS:GO

Despite its size and impressive esports following, jobs with CS:GO as a focus aren’t too common. That said, there are still some companies that we see hiring that manage to post a decent number of positions around the game.

First up has to be FACEIT, the company that operates the FLASHPOINT league and a third-party matchmaking platform for the game. It goes without saying that all of our CS fans will recognize this brand!

London, England is where FACEIT is headquartered and where the majority of their hiring takes place.

Sticking to the tournament organizer theme, ESL is also a great company for a CS:GO fan to look for jobs with.

While ESL doesn’t often stipulate in their job ads which game the candidate would work on, the sheer number of CS:GO events it puts on each year means that there are bound to be opportunities coming up from the company to work on the historic esports title.

And while this next one doesn’t post a whole load of jobs, no list of companies for a CS:GO fan to keep an eye on for employment opportunities is complete without HLTV.

The media giant has a monopoly on CS:GO news and content, which means you might find jobs with them to assist in their writing, social media and graphics efforts, or even on the maintenance of the site in the form of development or adding data to its rich statistics section.

6. Apex Legends

Coming out with a bang in 2019 was Apex Legends. It dropped in a surprise launch backed by some of the biggest streamers in the world and rapidly climbed to the top of the Twitch Directory. Praised as a smooth and enjoyable Battle Royale experience, EA's Respawn Entertainment showed how effective a surprise launch can be to market a video game.

So far, the only company we’ve seen hiring for staff to work on Apex Legends is EA / Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the game.

The studio is often on the hunt for talent to work in Chatsworth, California. Since the game has launched we’ve seen roles open up for data analysts, software engineers and even a social media manager to work directly on the game.

7. Rainbow Six Siege

In a similar story to Apex Legends, the only company we really see posting jobs involving this esports game is Ubisoft. They’re usually worth waiting for, though!

Lately, we’ve seen them hiring in Paris, Montreal and North Carolina, so there are certainly global opportunities for a fan of R6S to work on the game they love.

A lot of the positions that give you the ability to get involved with Rainbow Six Siege are in community management or marketing, league operations or business strategy and management.

Rest assured that we’ll keep our eyes out to see if any more companies start posting jobs around this esports title.

8. Rocket League

Rocket League is an exciting esports title where games of soccer are played out between racing cars and jobs related to the game primarily come from its developer, Psyonix Studios, now a company under the Epic Games umbrella.

The location of their careers is almost exclusively San Diego, and we’ve seen them post positions for esports community managers, graphic designers and brand managers.

9. Call of Duty

A title that is close to our hearts in the Hitmarker office is Call of Duty.

Here are the companies we suggest checking out if working on this iconic staple of console gaming is where you see yourself...

A mention has to go to Activision, a company that is hiring people to work on their titles frequently, as Call of Duty is what they’re most famous for! Expect to see Activision jobs in either Santa Monica or New York City primarily.

We have to talk about Dexerto again when it comes to jobs related to Call of Duty, as the coverage website is the de facto place to go to follow the scene. What’s more, the Call of Duty-specific website CharlieIntel.com is also owned by Dexerto, meaning there’s more than one outlet they may need writing staff to cover the game’s scene on! To make things even better, Dexerto nearly always hires for remote workers!

10. FIFA

If you’re in the UK or Europe you likely grew up on FIFA, and there are some pretty awesome opportunities to work on this game’s esports scene every now and then!

Like several of the games we’ve covered in this list, FIFA is one where you’ll find the vast majority of opportunities to work on the game coming from its developer, EA. These are typically located in Burnaby, Canada though we have seen jobs working on the title in Geneva, Switzerland and Guildford, England in the past. Many of these roles ask for production professionals or developers.

Aside from monitoring EA’s company page, we’d also suggest looking at the pages of any of the teams that compete in the game to see if they’re hiring for their FIFA division. You might be surprised by what you find!


So that wraps up our list of some of the most popular esports games we see jobs around and where you should look if you want to work on them! You should now be armed with the info you need to lock down that dream career and make your mark in esports.

As to why we didn't include Dota 2 in this list, it’s something that we rarely post jobs around, so we wouldn’t be able to offer any good pointers on looking for jobs related to that esports game.

Now go check out those company pages, tidy up that resume, prepare that cover letter and let’s do this!