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26th Mar 2019

The 10 most actively-hiring esports companies in 2018

We crunched the numbers from the thousands of jobs we posted in 2018 to create this list of the 10 esports companies that were most active in their hiring over the year.

The esports industry is in a really exciting state at the moment, with investment and organic growth meaning more and more esports companies are able to hire new staff each month.

Being the largest jobs website in esports, we’re uniquely positioned to see the data that drives these hiring processes and we’re also able to lay it out for our users to see.

In 2018, we posted an enormous 5,896 careers in esports. These were spread all over the world and were related to all the different sectors you could imagine, but it’s the esports companies who were doing the hiring that we’re going to be looking more closely at in this feature.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to the 10 esports companies that were the most active with their hiring in esports:

10. King Games

It may surprise you to see King on this list because they certainly aren’t involved in the day to day movements of any of the esports scenes. However, being a part of the powerful Activision Blizzard family comes with a number of benefits, such as a very large hiring budget!

King accounted for 1.35% of all the esports jobs we posted in 2018. Of these, the vast majority required candidates with experience in Ad Ops. Whether that was implementing ads, optimizing them or taking a supporting role to assist the team, ads were the common denominator in this esports company’s hiring last year.

9. ESL

Here’s a company that every esports fan will recognize. From online leagues to magnificent live events that highlight just how awesome esports is, ESL does it all.

The company has offices in multiple countries but are most commonly seen hiring in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. These veterans of the industry are the authority when it comes to organizing third-party tournaments.

ESL jobs made up 1.39% of what we posted last year. Every sector imaginable was covered, with jobs available in production, marketing, design, editorial coverage, sales and many more. Truly a giant in the esports business, a list of the most active companies hiring in esports wouldn’t be complete without ESL.

8. Twitch

The home of streaming in esports, gaming and a bucket load of different interests, Twitch had to take a top-10 spot in the list of most active hiring companies in esports. They have offices all around the world, from San Francisco to London, and all of these contributed to making Twitch vacancies account for 1.66% of all listings posted in 2018.

Processing incredible amounts of data and traffic while dealing in high-quality live video means that a large number of Twitch’s openings were for software engineers and developers. That being said, we also posted a substantial number of jobs for program managers, marketers and more.

Owned by Amazon and still showing incredible growth, we expect to see Twitch even higher up this list next year.

7. Amazon

Speaking of Amazon

There is definitely a little bit of Twitch overlap in Amazon’s inclusion in this list, as the majority of the jobs we posted with this ecommerce giant involved either working on Twitch Prime or another division of the platform.

That said, Amazon’s GameOn vacancies typically begin by telling prospective candidates that they’re ready to shape the future of competitive gaming and mobile esports. The team will be responsible for building Amazon’s offering in esports.

And when you take into account the massive scale of Amazon, even a peripheral focus of theirs like esports was bound to get a fair amount of hiring love. Amazon ended up accounting for 1.99% of our 2018 postings.

6. Razer

Razer is one of the biggest peripherals companies in esports, and has recently ventured out into producing smartphones to accompany their awesome gaming laptops.

A large number of jobs with Razer actually came from Singapore, which is where one of their two headquarters is located. Singapore actually made up 1.11% of esports job posts when compared to all other locations that posted a role last year. San Francisco, their other base location, was also significant in pulling them into our top 10 hiring companies of 2018 list.

Razer posted a wide depth of jobs over the year. We saw it all from the many marketing roles a company of their size demands, to openings in finance, HR and all the other areas needed to make sure a company ticks over smoothly. All in all, Razer jobs made up 2.18% of our haul in 2018.

5. Epic Games

It’s certainly no surprise that Epic was one of the most active companies in 2018, the same year that Fortnite experienced its meteoric rise into the mainstream of culture, media and users.

Spearheaded by a headline-making game involving Ninja, Travis Scott, Drake and JuJu Smith-Schuster, the company witnessed incredible growth last year, and they naturally needed lots of staff to help facilitate that!

Epic Games jobs added up to 2.48% of everything we posted last year, with a lot of roles involved in the community management of their massive audience, or quality assurance and engineering.

The arrival of Apex Legends in 2019 has threatened Fortnite’s top spot in the Battle Royale hierarchy, so it will be interesting to see how this number changes by the end of 2019!

4. Activision

Many of the jobs that fall under the Activision Blizzard banner are posted by Activision themselves, which explains their presence in the top half of our list.

In the latter half of 2018, job posts began to slow down from Activision, but they were certainly an omnipresent company on our jobs board for the first part of the year.

In total, they represented 3.02% of last year’s esports careers. They’re also a good source of finding internships for the juniors in the scene when the common internship seasons are looming, which helped boost their total (and placed them in our good books!)

3. Riot Games

As one of the most popular esports titles in the world, you won’t be too shocked to see the developer behind League of Legends so high up in this list.

What helps Riot Games post so many great jobs is that they are not only constantly hiring people to work on the various processes around updating and maintaining League, but they also host their own esports leagues: the LEC and LCS.

For this reason, Riot hires for such a variety of jobs, ranging from people to support their development team, their esports operations or other divisions. We’ve also seen careers supporting their broadcasts by providing statistics, helping run the production and more.

All of this came together to see Riot as the third most active hiring company in esports with 3.14% of our 2018 carrying their name and logo.

2. Skillz

This one may come as a surprise, as Skillz aren’t yet the global powerhouse that the likes of ESL are. They’re a startup company focusing on mobile esports and have taken significant investment from high-profile figures such as owners of the New England Patriots, the New York Mets and the Sacramento Kings.

This explains how the company has the capital to hire so relentlessly in esports, and due to the technical prowess required in many of their openings, not all were filled at the first time of asking. This meant that some of the jobs we posted had been advertised previously as well.

This should explain why Skillz finished up accounting for 3.55% of our posts last year. They’re certainly a company to check out if you’re looking for work in San Francisco, California or Portland, Oregon!

1. Blizzard Entertainment

A true heavyweight in the gaming world with strong roots in esports due to the Overwatch League, Hearthstone, StarCraft, and Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard sits in the number one spot of our list like Arthas on the Frozen Throne.

Blizzard totalled 3.76% of our job postings in 2018, with these positions spread about around the games and initiatives mentioned above.

Similarly to Riot Games, Blizzard running their own esports league as well as developing the titles under their umbrella led to a wide range of positions coming from the company, often in the game development or league operations categories.

One of the most iconic companies in the gaming world, it’s fitting that Blizzard rounds off our list.

That concludes the 10 most actively hiring esports companies in 2018! The list turned out to be more or less what we were expecting, but there may have been surprises for those of you who don’t check our jobs board regularly!

We’ll be looking forward to what pictures we’ll be able to paint with 2019’s data.

Until then, happy hunting!