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21st Oct 2018

Companies hiring in esports

If it's your dream to work for one of the giants of esports then you're in the right place! We're going to tell you all about the companies we see hiring the most frequently on Hitmarker and discuss the types of jobs they most commonly advertise with us.

This next post is ambitious, but ambition is something we celebrate at Hitmarker - such as the ambition it takes to make that leap of faith and try and wriggle your way into esports. It’s a list of the companies we see hiring the most for jobs in this sector. Hopefully it will help you folks work out what kind of company is likely to post that dream job of yours.

We’re going to take you through the companies we see most regularly post jobs in the esports space and tell you a little bit about them such as where they are and what kind of careers they typically advertise for.

This piece of advice for how to find a career in esports is part of our wider career advice series, where we’re publishing everything you need to know to lock down a job in esports.

Let’s take a dive through some of the most active hiring companies in esports, shall we?

1. Twitch

The leader of esports streaming is undoubtedly Twitch.tv and a service that the majority of esports fans use on a near-daily basis. The scope of their company is nothing to scorn at; it was purchased by Amazon in 2014 for $970Million, which rocketed the service into the headlines.

The jobs at Twitch are largely centered around San Francisco, in California, though those of you not on the West Coast will be glad to hear that they also hire in Germany, New York, Singapore London, and a whole host of other locations too!

Here are some of the most common roles that Twitch post.

  • Software Engineers
  • Marketing & Data
  • Project and Program Managers

2. Blizzard Entertainment

One of the largest games publishers in the world is the easiest way to describe Blizzard. They hold esports titles under their belt like Hearthstone, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm and, of course, Overwatch. With such a large amount of esports titles under one company, it’s no surprise that we post a whole load of jobs in different areas of esports from Blizzard.

The majority of jobs they post are located in Irvine, California and are typically full-time jobs requiring a fair amount of experience. Some of the professions they recruit most often for include:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Analysis and Research
  • Broadcasting

We also do see them, on occasion, posting internships for the young blood in the scene to bolster their resume.

3. Riot Games

Needing no introduction to the majority of esports fans who are aware of the scene as a whole, Riot Games is the publisher of League of Legends, the world’s most popular video game. As such, they have plenty of jobs in esports and the game in general.

It’s impossible to narrow down too much where their careers are mainly based; they have active offices in every corner of the world. Their Los Angeles office is the hub of their postings, with Berlin doing a good job of bringing in jobs focused on the esports operations and broadcast side of things.

Similarly to Blizzard, jobs they recruit for are usually in the following sectors:

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Art and Creative

This should by no means be considered a full list of the professions they hire in; with so many employees they inevitably need a mix of everything, this is just what we see most frequently.

4. Activision

Another giant of the esports hiring world is Activision, best known for their publishing of the immensely successful FPS title Call of Duty. The most active offices we see them recruiting for are the ones in Datchet, UK and Santa Monica, California.

They’re a company that’d suit a console/CoD esports fan like a glove, but would also be a great way for anyone to get involved with esports. We see a fair amount of internships from Activision, too, which is great to see them giving fresh faces a chance on top of hiring the more experience folks.

Their job posts usually involve some of these areas of esports and work:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

5. ESL

ESL is the world’s largest esports company, so you can bet all of the careers coming out of them will be heavily involved in the scene. For this company we can put a pin the bulk of their recruitment and say the overwhelming majority of their job posts ask for people for their Cologne office in Germany.

The types of jobs ESL look to fill are varied, but here is what we see most regularly:

  • Event Managers
  • Marketing Managers (Digital and Local)
  • Sales Managers

6. Razer

A titan of esports peripherals, Razer is a global company that is heavily involved in esports through its sponsorships of various top teams.

Like the other companies in this list, and a common denominator amongst global companies, Razer hire all over the world. With dual headquarters in Singapore and San Francisco, they have nine offices worldwide and are thus a great way for anyone, regardless of location, to find their way into esports. We see the majority of their recruiting take place for their Singapore and Hamburg, Germany offices.

Razer is not typically a company to aim for as an entry-level career in the industry, though they do post internships and they don’t usually stipulate too many years of experience for the careers they list, so should not be counted out by the more junior job-hunters amongst you.

The sorts of jobs we see them looking for most commonly involve the following sort of work:

  • Engineers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Product Managers

7. DreamHack

When you think of esports tournament organizers, your thoughts probably jump to ESL and DreamHack. Having already covered ESL, let’s visit their Swedish counterparts - DreamHack!

DreamHack jobs are very usually based in Stockholm, however we do see them on occasion hiring in North America, too.

They hire a nice range of junior jobs all the way to very senior roles in the scene, which we love as there’s something for everyone with them!

The sorts of jobs DreamHack hire for will often fit into these areas:

  • Sales Managers
  • Social Media
  • Event Staff
  • Marketing Staff

8. EA

Publishers of video games and esports titles as a whole are great suppliers of careers in esports, and EA is no exception. Hiring for people to work on titles such as FIFA, Apex Legends and Madden, we see a fair few jobs from EA in esports and competitive gaming as a whole.

The two areas of the world we see this giant hire the most in is Redwood City, California and Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada.

We see EA post lots of jobs that revolve around the following sectors:

  • Competitive Gaming
  • Tournament Production
  • League Operations/Management

So if those sectors of competitive gaming are right up your street then jobs in EA may align with what you want to do.

9. PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation is the developer of the massively popular Battle Royale game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. They’re not the company we see hiring at the rate of the others in this list, but when they do post jobs they always sound superb.

Usually in their office in Los Angeles, California or Amsterdam, Netherlands, the esports jobs they post follow a certain trend that always sound awesome. The types of careers in esports that PUBG post usually are along these lines:

  • Marketing and Digital Marketing Managers
  • Community Managers
  • Public Relations

The careers they post are usually in these areas and are not for those of you without experience, however they rarely ask for unrealistic experience levels. Quite often, roles that shoulder a nice amount of responsibility asking for a fair 2-3 years, so PUBG Corp is not an unrealistic company to aim for jobs with.

10. Epic Games

Epic Games is the developer of the immensely popular video game Fortnite, which is most known for its Battle Royale game mode which has taken gaming by storm and has assimilated it with the mainstream due to the game's acceptance by big celebrity profiles.

They frequently hire esports-related roles in Cary, North Carolina and Seoul, South Korea, though we've also seen them providing jobs to the German fans we have in Berlin, too. The hype that Fortnite has collected unfortunately means that entry-level jobs are limited as the company will need everything executed to perfection. You can expect these kind of sectors being posted by Epic:

  • Community Management
  • Producers and Publishers
  • Marketing Experts
  • Event Managers

So there you have it! These are just a fraction of the companies who post jobs in esports, but are the ones we see on the site most regularly!

Image credits: DreamHack / Adela Sznajder