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25th Sep 2020

Getting a job in gaming: social media with Excel Esports' Nathan Edmonds

Jobs in social media are some of the most competitive in the gaming and esports industry. We spoke to Nathan Edmonds of Excel Esports, who manages a community of more than 150,000, what his advice was for aspiring social media managers.

Perhaps the number one request we get from people is to post more social media jobs in gaming and esports. When so much of what we do as an industry is online, and social media is a staple in many people’s lives, the chance to work on it and engage with the gaming community is unbeatable.

Of course, much more goes into being a social media manager than browsing Twitter and posting memes. That’s part of it, but not the full story.

To get the full story, we spoke to Nathan Edmonds, Social Media Manager at Excel Esports, where he manages over 150,000 followers across the organization’s channels.

He highlighted how the job is much more than posting Tweets, speaking on the business side of the job and how partners need to see the data of certain pieces of content. He also talked about what skills you’ll need to succeed, and what aspiring social media managers in games or esports can do to stand out from the crowd.

In short, if you’re interested in working in social media, watch this video!

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