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25th Sep 2020

Getting a job in gaming: journalism with Esports Insider's Adam Fitch

The world of video game and esports journalism can be hard to break into, so we asked Adam Fitch, editor of Esports Insider, what his advice was for aspiring writers.

For fans of video games and esports, finding a job where you can cover the industry you love can be the dream. You stay up to date with the latest happenings anyway. May as well make a career out of it!

But the scene is competitive, so how do you increase your chances of finding that dream journalism job in gaming or esports?

To answer that question we spoke to award-winning journalist Adam Fitch, editor of Esports Insider, one of the premier esports publications.

Aspiring writers can learn a lot from Adam. He got his break in the industry by starting his own blog, publishing 1,000 pieces in the first year.

From there, he built on that experience and the skills he learned, and uses his own story to give advice to anyone looking to get into video games or esports journalism.

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