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21st Nov 2020

Getting a job in gaming: content management with Atlanta FaZe and Atlanta Reign's Jarel Bell

Want to work as a content manager in esports or gaming? Hear the advice of Atlanta FaZe and Atlanta Reign's Head of Content.

For creative individuals, the prospect of making content about gaming and esports can be a dream job. And we’re all about dream jobs — specifically, giving people what they need to secure them.

That’s why we spoke to Jarel Bell, Head of Content for Atlanta Reign and Atlanta FaZe, to hear his advice for aspiring content professionals.

With stewardship over the content output of two brands known for the quality of what they produce, his thoughts were invaluable!

Jarel talked about finding your niche within content, what it takes to succeed, and not getting too weighed down by what people around you are doing.

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